Please read these regulations carefully so that you are well informed.
1.     Tournament format
The Golftournament (GT) is a one day tournament that will be played at De Brabantse Golf, Steenwagenstraat in Melsbroek (Belgium) and will be decided by a single stableford round of 18 holes.
The GT has a separate competition for men and women.
Men max hcp 18,4 will play from the white tees
Men max hcp 36 will play from the yellow tees
Women max hcp 18,4 will play from the blue tees
Women max hcp 36 will play from the red tees
The top 3 stableford scores in each category win a prize. If a winning player is not present at the prize giving ceremony the prize will be given to the next player on the scoreboard for that category etc. etc.
The relevant handicap is the one at entry, unless a player before close of entry on July 31st, 2017 has updated his/her handicap via e-mail to [email protected].
Hole 6: Leary. The player playing from his/her here above indicated t-box and putting his ball with his/her second shot closest to the pin or in the cup of hole 6 wins a prize. If multiple players score an eagle (2 under par) on hole 6 only the first 3 to do so will receive a prize. If a winning player is not present or does not react when called out at the prize giving ceremony the prize will be given to the 4th player that made an eagle etc. etc. The player will note his name and distance to the pin on the provided scoreboard.
Hole 12: Beat the pro. The player playing from his/her here above indicated t-box, directly onto the green and closer to the pin of hole 12 than the indicated player playing from a t-box of his choice wins a prize. Only the first 10 players beating the pro will receive a prize. If a winning player is not present or does not react when called out at the prize giving ceremony the prize will be given to the 11th player that beat the pro etc. etc. The indicated player will solely decide if the player beat him.
Hole 14: Hole in one. The first player to play from his/her here above indicated t-box a hole in one on hole 14 will receive a special prize. If the winning player is not present or does not react when called out at the prize giving ceremony the prize will be given to the 2rd player that made a hole in one. If the second player is also absent or does not react when called out the prize will not be handed out. The representative of the tournament committee present at the hole will solely decide if the hole in one is correctly played.
All prizes are solely decided by the tournament committee.
The participants are encouraged to play with the golf balls sold by the tournament committee in order to fund the good cause that has been chosen. i.e. Android34 (please visit the website of the good cause
2.     Entries
Entrants must use the special Entry Form on the website which is available from 20 April 2017. The GT is open to Golfers in possession of an active EGA handicap or a handicap from a federation recognized by the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Golf (VVG). Every participant is responsible for the correctness of their handicap on their entry form for the GT.
The tournament committee reserves the right to, at close of entry, request information about the exact handicap of potential participants at their home club and/or check their handicap with the VVG or the Belgian Golf Federation.
Only golfers that are invited by the tournament committee are permitted to participate in the tournament.
3.     Entry fee
There is no entry fee.
4.     Final entry
The entry is final when the entrant has sent an entry form to the organization and the entry is confirmed by the tournament committee by email. The committee may, without having to state a reason, refuse an entry.
5.     Withdrawal
If you want to withdraw your entrance, you must do so in writing (by mail) to the tournament committee and this preferably as soon as possible.
6.     Practice Round
Players are allowed to have a practice round at their own expense and time. They should book it through De Brabantse Golf desk (02 - 751 82 05). Visit the golf course website for more details at
7.     Starting times
De preliminary starting times will be published and communicated by e-mail. The final grouping within the categories will be published on the tournament day.
8.     Handicap certificate
All participants are required to show a recent prove of handicap to the tournament committee at tournament day. The participant is responsible for the correctness of their handicap during the tournament.
9.     Reporting time
Players are required to report to the tournament committee 40 minutes before their tee time.
10.  Scorecard
Participants receive their scorecards when they report at the tournament committee before the tournament round. Participants are required to exchange scorecards; failure to do this will lead to disqualification.
Each participant is required to check his scorecard at the tournament office as soon as possible after completion of the round. The signed scorecard must be given a member of the tournament committee. If a player does not adhere to this requirement, he/she can be disqualified. The player is not allowed to leave the tournament office before the scorecard is approved by a member or a representative of the committee.
11.  Rules and Conditions
The Championship will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf approved by R&A Rules Limited (R&A), the General Conditions of Competition, and the Local Rules issued by the De Brabantse Golf.
Participants are required to take note of the local rules before the start of the tournament and adhere to them.
12.  Slow play
The Committee will establish and publish the maximum time allowed for the completion of 18 holes during the Tournament.
All players are asked to be aware of slow play and try to respect the indicated timepar.
13.  Balls
The ball the competitor uses shall be named on the Current List of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the R&A Rules Ltd.
14.  Clubs
The driver the player carries must have a clubhead, identified by model and loft that is named on the current “List of conforming driver heads", issued by the R&A.
15.  Caddies
Caddies are allowed and will conform to the rules that rule them.
16.  Transport during tournament rounds
Players must not ride on any form of transportation unless authorized by the Committee. Penalty for breach of this rule: see page 142 of the R&A Rules of Golf.
17.  Smoking prohibition
On the course and all practice facilities smoking is prohibited. Rule 33-7 is in place.
18.  Mobile phones
During the tournament players are not allowed to use a mobile phone or to have a mobile phone on standby, without permission of the tournament committee. In case of a serious breach, the committee will disqualify the player under Rule 33-7.
19.  Clothing
Players should wear groomed clothes. During the GT, women are required to wear long or short trousers, a skirt, or shorts. In addition, a blouse or polo shirt with or without sleeves. Men are required to wear long trousers or a bermuda. Furthermore, a polo shirt with at least short sleeves (shirt should be tucked in).
20.  Courtesy
The participant must refrain from any conduct or expression that is considered unacceptable by the Committee or which could be considered annoying by any other player, and must adhere to the etiquette as contained in Part I of the Rules of Golf (NB cell phones). If there is a serious breach of etiquette, the Committee will disqualify the player under Rule 33-7. Serious infringements are all violations of the rules of conduct as mentioned in the annex of these regulations, but they are not limited to such violations.
During the tournament players must also refrain from any action which might affect the interests of the GT, the VVG or of golf in general.
21.  Distance measuring devices
During the tournament a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, windspeed, temperature etc.) or which can give advice (e.g. on the club to be used for the next stroke) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3 for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used or switched off. Smartphones may not be used as a measuring device.
22.  Tournament Committee
In every case not covered by these regulations, the tournament committee will provide a binding decision, in line with the rules of golf and the guidelines provided by VVG. Every player submits to these regulations, by entering the tournament.
23.  Rules of conduct
These rules apply throughout the tournament (including days when practice rounds will be played), both on the golf course and off the golf course.
Every player, no matter how driven, has to be courteous and sportsmanlike throughout the tournament under all circumstances. If a player does not behave in this way, he/she violates these rules of conduct.
A violation of these rules of conduct may consist of, but is not limited to, the following situations:
  • Use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco;
  • Any action by a player whereby he knowingly risks damaging the course (except when swinging at a ball in play);
  • Indecorous language, throwing a club or ball and (emotional) shouting;
  • Lack of respect for the organization and other volunteers, fellow players and/or spectators, host families;
  • Intentional violation of the Rules of Golf;
  • The withholding of any information about a violation of the Rules of Golf;
  • Leaving the course during the tournament round, without informing an official, or leaving the course for reasons that are not acceptable for the tournament committee;
  • Ignoring the dress code.
  • Any form of vandalism;
  • Any form of theft;
  • Any other conduct whereby the player harms the interests and/or the image of golf.
  • Playing from outside the designated teeing area during the practice rounds, especially at the par 3 holes.
  • Hitting balls over the fence at the back or on the sides of the driving range.

Depending on the severity and nature of the offense, an official; may impose the following sanctions:
  • Exclusion of the player for the tournament; in this case the player will have no opportunity to finish his/her round;
  • Report the offense to the club of the player.
  • Exclusion of the player to participate in this tournament in the following year.
  • Informing the VVG about the offense